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What is the internet of things or IOT?

We are one of the fastest evolving creatures in the universe. Wait it’s NOT that ‘evolution of Darwin’ I am talking about, but the milestones we have achieved in the science and technology. In this century, we have advanced technologies in all fields and internet is available like a piece of cake. So why don’t we connect the things around us together? Connecting things? Yes. It’s possible to connect things together using the internet and manage them as a single unit for greater good. This idea is what we call, the internet of things. This may seem like magic to you, but hold on and look around you can see IOT around you.

How big is the Internet of things?

How many devices are interconnected in the world, do you think? 5 billion? 9 billion? Oops! It’s nearly 20 billion in 2018 and HP predicts that by the end of 2025 it will cross 1 trillion. So which are those things we mentioned in this IOT network? It can be your smartphone, your laptop, the switches and bulbs in your home, the CCTV camera in your office, your car, your smartwatch, the pacemaker fitted on the grandpa next door, the traffic signals, the hospitals and the whole city. Now you get it, right? Anything which can communicate via the internet can become the part of the IOT network.

What are the uses of IOT?

Let’s say you forget to turn off lights in your home while rushing towards the candlelight dinner! Wastage of electricity! OOPS again. Well, that’s an old story. Now you have IOT enables switches so you took the smartphone and opened the app which controls the home automation and turned off those lights and additionally you turned some emergency lights on too! Cool nah! There ended the gap between physical and digital world and we saved/improved the quality and productivity of our time and thereby our lives. (saved some electricity too )

Which are the areas where IOT is applicable?

Very well, I regret this question. Why? Because IOT is applicable in every field, in each and every part of the universe, it’s applicable. Anyway, I will list some core sectors.

  • Military: Drones, Robots, Sensors etc
  • Healthcare: Pacemakers, live supports for patients, Equipment etc
  • Home Automation: Control doors, Air conditioners, Switches etc
  • Agriculture: Detection of moisture content, controlling watering and fertilizers etc.
  • Disaster warning: Sensors detect critical information’s from the environment and give warnings.

What do you think?

Internet of things or IoT is emerging very fast. It is the future. There are large unexplored areas available in IOT, for example, medical field. The Healthcare sector hasn’t properly utilized the benefits of IoT. Few available functions are caretaking and monitoring system for old age peoples, Fluid Testing devices, smart beds etc. there are a lot yet to come. Irez academy offers you a promising learning experience on IOT. Learn about IOT, master the sensors, choose the platform and deploy your dream.


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Ahalya · June 17, 2018 at 6:03 am

Good information. Thank you.

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